Wheel Makeover

Nothing is more painful than scrubbing your beautiful wheels on the road curb. Don’t worry , we can help you to make over those wheel and make it look good again. We can also makeover worn wheels and giving them a new lease of life .

To allow you to have uninterrupted mobility, we will also provide a set loaner wheel if possible.

Neuto Therapy

1.Personalized treatment
NEUTO is the only engine cleaning system that is intelligent enough to customize treatment for your car based on emission gas analysis. 

2.Health Check for cars
Customers can have full iEGA reports with car emission gas analysis Before, After and During NEUTO Therapy. 

3.Convert carbon deposits into fuel
Under high temperature in the combustion chamber 

4.React at Micro-molecular level
NEUTO reaches micro-molecular level of carbon layer deep inside the delicate piston rings 

5.Clean the lungs
NEUTO cleans even hard to reach places such as air intake manifold, air valves, air inlets and spark plugs where liquid chemical could not reach. 

The hydrocarbons are burn away without pollutants 

Hydrogen is not corrosive, not chemical. NEUTO does not damage the delicate surface of engine component. 

Unlike wet hydrogen produced by oxy-hydrogen generator, NEUTO remove carbons with pure dry hydrogen gas. No risk of water vapour gets into the car engine. 

Hydrogen gas stored in the Solid State Metal Hydride Canister is 99.9999% pure. Decarbonizing with NEUTO Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy is highly effective. 

10.Quick Hassle Free
NEUTO Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy merely attached the hydrogen hose onto the vacuum inlets. NEUTO Therapy merely takes 20 – 25 minutes

EV/PHEV Charger

EVLunic AC electric vehicle chargers with 4.6 kW – 22 kW

*Charging Infrastructure for many places
*Relevant places for AC charging solutions depending on the time you park your car, normally 2-8 hours.

* Home
* Commercial Building 
* Hotel
* Condominium
* Mall Carpark 
* Petrol Station 
* College Carpark
* Hospital Carpark
* Highway Rest Area
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